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Looking for some help to reach your fitness or weight loss goals?

Personal Training might be the answer for you!

Go from this   to this    in as little as 12 weeks!

"I first started Personal Training to lose about 5 kilograms and get a bit fitter. Mike didn't opt for a quick-fix instead provided me with a balanced eating plan as well as homework to complete in between my weekly PT session. Mike would weigh me in and measure me every 2 weeks and I found this perfect for keeping me on the right track. After my second weigh in and instant results, I thought, "let's go for 10". I had my wedding planned for a few months time and could just imagine how I wanted to look. I eventually lost 14 kilograms and felt and looked fantastic on my wedding day! I never imagined I could do this and believe that without Mike as my Trainer, it would never have happened!
Kacy Hansen
Hair Salon Manager
Age 26

What is Personal Training?

A Personal Trainer is a qualified teacher and motivator trained to help and encourage you to reach whatever personal fitness vision you aspire to. If you want to lose weight, gain some muscle, run a mile or simply reduce your stress levels, Personal Training can help you get the best out of your life.

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What an Enduro Personal Trainer does

  • Asks you lots of questions to find out your ideal results in your state of health and fitness.
  • Evaluates where you are right now with your fitness, through testing and measuring your physical capabilities.
  • Works with you to set realistic goals within a timeframe.
  • Devises a plan that identifies the work involved for you to achieve your goal.
  • Breaks the plan down into monthly, weekly and daily targets and schedules.
  • Meets with you at least once per week to assess your progress, set new targets and keep you motivated.
  • Challenges you in every session, to be better than the previous session, through innovative exercise techniques.
  • Sources the right exercise equipment for you if you want to exercise more at home.

  • Testimonials

    "I have known Mike Eyers for the last 9 months during which time he has acted as my Personal Trainer. During this time he has helped me enormously with my rehabilitation from a long term injury. I find his knowledge of fitness and general health great, and he applies his knowledge of sports physiology to the training sessions very well.
    I have been particularly impressed with his up to date knowledge of safe training and safe lifting techniques with regard to back injury and rehabilitation. It is very comparable to individuals who have a greater degree of expertise in this area. Mike obviously enjoys what he does and his enthusiasm and motivation are great to see."
    Dr Greg Moloney
    Specialist Anaesthetist
    Mater Hospital, Brisbane

    "My name is Fabio Cattafi; I am a performer dancer from Melbourne and have been performing in the "Wizard of Oz". During this time I was privileged enough to be trained by Mike Eyers of Enduro Fitness. Mike was not only professional in his approach, but he has a great friendly personality and excellent communication skills. Mikes' exercises are unique, effective and his experience and knowledge are evident. I have worked with trainers throughout the world and Mike is without a doubt one of the best, qualified trainers I have worked with. Therefore I have no hesitation in highly recommending him as your Fitness Trainer. "
    Fabio Cattafi
    West Footscray,

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